BBC Music Awards Returning


This year’s BBC Music Awards will be hosted by earne Cotton and Claudia Winkleman. As always, the BBC Music Awards will feature some of the most popular artists from the last 12 months.

This Friday, Chris Evans and Scott Mills announced that the popular awards show will return to BBC, letting the listeners know that this year’s event will take place on December 12 at the ExCel in London,

The list of stars for the ceremony includes Michael Buble, Emil Sande, Lukas Graham, The 1975 and many more which will still be announced in the upcoming weeks.

In a interview with Scott, Emeli said that she was really excited to perform and that there are currently in the rehearsals for the show. She said that she cant wait to attend.

“We want to do something really special. Hopefully people will be pleasantly surprised.”, She added.

At the ceremony that will be five awards up for grabs. The BBC Music committee will decide on the British artist of the year while the public will be able to vote for the song of the year. There is one new award which is introducing artist of the year which will be decided by the BBC music introducing panel. Two more awards up for grabs will be Radio One Live Lounge performance of the year with ther Radio One Playlist Committee voting and the BBC ready to album of the year award.

The ceremony will be broadcast on BBC One.

The above news from the British music and entertainment industry are broadly brought to you by the secret singers, the U.K.’s popular surprise entertainment act.

In London, All Fitness Studios Are Definitely Not Equal!

If you want to do something for your health and fitness in the British capital, you might be thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal to find a suitable gym. Surprisingly, doing so may well end up in a tedious endeavour where you will find yourself checking out one fitness studio after the other just to be disappointed each and any time.

The problem to findĀ  good fitness gyms in London is that this market has significantly degraded in the last years.

What we have now is many so-called bargain gyms that want to lure customers with super low prices, at the cost of service and what they are actually offering.

Yes, it may well be true that you can save some money today when you go to a gym as compared to, say, five years ago.

But, is it really worth the money when all we have been getting is a lot less service and poor equipment in return?

When I am out on the search for a good fitness gym in London, I made it my own rule to completely disregard all those large fitness gym chains now. To have been just too many disappointments in the past. If you ask me, I’m rather taking the smaller gyms even if those may cost me a few bucks more per month.

I have also noticed how the large gym chains in the UK are now offering far less classes and courses as compared to what gyms had to offer just a few years ago. Thinking about joining Pilates in Hackney or a Yoga class? From my experience, you’d be way better off going to a dinky studio as compared to the large run-of-the-mill shops. In the smaller studios, the instructors are normally also a lot more knowledgeable and qualified, if you ask me.

“More Female Coaches in Sport!” Says Judy Murray

The former captain of Great Britain’s Fed Cup team Judy Murray thinks that having more female coaches across all levels of sport is important to greatly increasing participation among women. She insists there is a shortage of women in key positions within the sports industry.

In a statement to the press, she was quoted saying “One of the things is to have more female coaches and more female PE teachers because women much better understand how girls tick.I think that’s an important thing.”

“The world is a different place nowadays and sport is competing with so many other things for girls’ attention that we need to make our sport as attractive as possible. Above everything else girls are not as physical, not as competitive as boys anyway, girls like being with their friends, so it’s very important for us to make sure we have a lot of all girl activity.”, she said to the reporters.

She added that “All girl PE is much easier for girls to thrive in than it is if they are actually vying for attention or competing in any way with boys.”

Are Private Schools a Better Choice When It Comes to Sports?

soccer in private schoolDoes your family have a keen interest in sports? If that’s the case, you may possibly want to take a closer look at your children’s school.

Public schools in the United Kingdom are often undervaluing the importance of sports.

I’ve seen it myself how several public schools here in the area only dedicate one or two hours per week for sports and physical activity, which in my opinion is far insufficient.

This can be especially disheartening if your children are interested in participating in team sports such as soccer. Many schools we looked at hadn’t anything to offer in that regards.

The other problem with our public schools is that sporting facilities can often be outdated and poorly maintained, if they even have such facilities, that is. You would have to look far and beyond to find a good public school that has a decent running track, an Olympic-sized pool or a well maintained soccer field.

If your children are into sports, you may want to consider some of our private schools as an alternative. Our family found that most private schools have a much higher priority on sports. Likewise, their sports sacilities where much better maintained. The most important thing is that private schools often have a lot more to offer if your children are interested in team sports. The children can sign up for soccer teams or fencing courses, something we had a very hard time with public schools.

If you want to learn more about the U.K.’s renowned private schools and sports, I recommend that you see Bedfordshire private school. With so many good private schools here in the United Kingdom, chances are that you will find a good one in your area.


Sky Sports Will Show First Day of the Open Championship for Free

The British pay-TV broadcaster has just acquired the life rights to golf’s oldest event from the BBC last year.

With Thursday’s broadcast, Sky Sports is making the amounts opening available on their website as well as to anyone with access to their NOW TV platform.

Open-ChampionshipTo celebrate their debut as the Open Championship hoster this year, Sky Sports will broadcast the entire first day of the tournament for free.

This move by the pay-TV broadcaster is ending more than six decades of live coverage of the tournament by the BBC. This is also the first time that the open championship is being placed behind a paywall.

For the events upcoming on Thursday, those interested can obtain a free pass. The tournament starts at 6:35 AM. Sky sports has also set a mile stone for being the first TV broadcaster in the United Kingdom covering the opening tee shot of the open live on TV.

Together with the opening of the tournament, the broadcaster will also launch their new sky sports the open channel which will replace sky sports one HD.

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