“More Female Coaches in Sport!” Says Judy Murray

The former captain of Great Britain’s Fed Cup team Judy Murray thinks that having more female coaches across all levels of sport is important to greatly increasing participation among women. She insists there is a shortage of women in key positions within the sports industry.

In a statement to the press, she was quoted saying “One of the things is to have more female coaches and more female PE teachers because women much better understand how girls tick.I think that’s an important thing.”

“The world is a different place nowadays and sport is competing with so many other things for girls’ attention that we need to make our sport as attractive as possible. Above everything else girls are not as physical, not as competitive as boys anyway, girls like being with their friends, so it’s very important for us to make sure we have a lot of all girl activity.”, she said to the reporters.

She added that “All girl PE is much easier for girls to thrive in than it is if they are actually vying for attention or competing in any way with boys.”