In London, All Fitness Studios Are Definitely Not Equal!

If you want to do something for your health and fitness in the British capital, you might be thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal to find a suitable gym. Surprisingly, doing so may well end up in a tedious endeavour where you will find yourself checking out one fitness studio after the other just to be disappointed each and any time.

The problem to findĀ  good fitness gyms in London is that this market has significantly degraded in the last years.

What we have now is many so-called bargain gyms that want to lure customers with super low prices, at the cost of service and what they are actually offering.

Yes, it may well be true that you can save some money today when you go to a gym as compared to, say, five years ago.

But, is it really worth the money when all we have been getting is a lot less service and poor equipment in return?

When I am out on the search for a good fitness gym in London, I made it my own rule to completely disregard all those large fitness gym chains now. To have been just too many disappointments in the past. If you ask me, I’m rather taking the smaller gyms even if those may cost me a few bucks more per month.

I have also noticed how the large gym chains in the UK are now offering far less classes and courses as compared to what gyms had to offer just a few years ago. Thinking about joining Pilates in Hackney or a Yoga class? From my experience, you’d be way better off going to a dinky studio as compared to the large run-of-the-mill shops. In the smaller studios, the instructors are normally also a lot more knowledgeable and qualified, if you ask me.